xR Solution

NovaStar Meets xR: Crafting the Future of Virtual Production

Unveiling the xR Magic: xR, the convergence of virtual reality and extended reality, revolutionizes the way we envision virtual 3D spaces. This innovative virtual production technology transcends the boundaries set by traditional green screen production. By mitigating intricate post-production steps and facilitating genuine interactions between actors and virtual scene elements, xR offers a seamlessly realistic and organic production outcome. The transformative power of LED display applications in virtual production, backed by its inherent ability to simulate authentic light and shadow interplays, has garnered exponential acclaim in recent times.

Introducing NovaStar’s Premier xR Solution: Components: VMP + MX40 Pro + A10s Pro

Crafted meticulously for camera-centric scenarios, NovaStar’s xR solution addresses and rectifies challenges associated with black fields and scan lines. At its core is the pioneering image enhancement technology, empowering creators to curate shooting settings that rival genuine environments.

Spearheading this solution is the VMP – NovaStar’s trailblazing LED control platform. It seamlessly weaves together design, monitoring, and management, promising users an unparalleled command experience.

Dive into a realm where technology and reality intertwine, only with NovaStar’s xR experience.

xR Workflow

Key Features

Frame Multiplexing

Enhanced Frame Multiplexing: This feature empowers users to simultaneously reframe multiple video feeds within a single time field. Leveraging the camera’s genlock phase offset, users can seamlessly produce multiple effects within a single shooting scene. This not only boosts work efficiency but also significantly reduces production costs.

Shutter Fit

Shutter Fit Technology: Achieve seamless synchronization between your LED display’s refresh rate and the camera’s shutter settings. With Shutter Fit, the LED display intuitively adjusts to the camera’s exposure duration and frequency, effectively minimizing scan lines for a cleaner, uninterrupted visual experience.

Phase Offset

Phase Offset Optimization: By fine-tuning the output phase offset value, you can achieve a flawless alignment between the LED display and camera. This precision adjustment eliminates issues of black fields and image tearing, ensuring pristine captures when filming the LED display.


High Frame Rate (HFR) Excellence: Boasting support for elevated frame rates of up to 120Hz, 144Hz, and an impressive 240Hz, our technology ensures ultra-smooth video playback, even for high-velocity moving objects, delivering a visually immersive experience.

Color Replacement

Advanced Color Replacement: Experience the flexibility of limitless color replacement, meticulously designed to preserve the integrity of surrounding hues.

14CH Color Correction

Precise adjustment of hue, saturation, and brightness of primary, secondary and tertiary colors, with basic adjustment of black and white, ensuring perfect colors that retain their intended beauty.

Color Curve + 3D LUT

Curve adjustment and importing of 3D LUT files let you manage color in creative and artistic ways, just like a Hollywood colorist.

Contrast + Black level

Allows independent adjustment of highlights and shadows by contrast and black level, avoiding overexposure in bright content but delivering rich details in dark content.

Scenario Presets

Different display requirements are necessary to meet the needs of different shooting scenarios. Presets allow users to save settings in advance, including brightness, color temperature, gamma, and more, all retrievable with a single button press.

Dual Image Booster

Dual Image Booster Evolution: Introducing the cutting-edge MX series solution, armed with both Image Booster 2.0 and Dynamic Booster technologies. These advancements enhance grayscale, color, and contrast performance, crafting a deeply immersive visual experience tailored perfectly for xR applications.

Case Studies

The visual data was processed from Unreal Engine to create hyper-realistic HDR visuals.